Brokeandfamous.cz is the brainchild of the Prague taste-maker, free lance journalist and musician, Craig Montana (C.Monts, Craig Monts, Sasa Flamingo). Craig has a far reaching knowledge matched with a surpassing love for many different genres, fields and topics. Design, fashion, music and events are his forte. He tirelessly attends as many parties, eavesdrops on as many conversations and trawls through as many internet pages & magazines as possible to bring you a one-stop blog full of interesting and progressive tid-bits. Sometimes the content will be site specific (Prague, Czech Republic), sometimes not. Sometimes the content will even have Czech translations..sometimes not.

The main aim of this website is to bring as many talented individuals, groups, collectives, bands, artists and designers to your attention in the hope that one day you’ll spend your hard earned money in their direction. No pressure.

Where ever possible he will quote the origin of the information posted on the website. Occasionally he’ll get exclusive material in which case he’ll tell you so. Craig loves getting information straight from the source, so don’t ever be shy..feel free to hit him up: teambrokeandfamous (at) gmail.com

Craig’s Current Jobs & Projects

Hip Hop MC

Craig is a progressive and opened minded MC. Working with a number of producers to create interesting, high quality music for your listening pleasure.

www.potholesinmyblog.com (contributor)

Monts is a valued member of the Potholesinmyblog team headed by David Reyneke. Craig contributes new music from up & coming artists from around the world for the prolific Potholes music hub. See Craig’s posts here: http://potholesinmyblog.com/author/craig-alexander-smith/

UK Agent for Hip Hop Kemp

Craig is the UK agent for the Czech based Hip Hop festival Hip Hop Kemp 2010. This role includes UK promo and pre-sale ticket distribution for the UK market. www.hiphopkemp.com

WORKOUT radio show (Presenter & producer) w/DJ Tuco //Saturday 20.00-22.00/radio1.cz// http://www.mixcloud.com/TheWorkOut/

Craig produces and presents the two hour long FM radio show regularly broadcasting to Prague’s music lovers. WORKOUT is a multi genre music show with a selection of fresh and interesting music from around the world. It’s an eclectic and vibrant show reflecting the progressive nature of it’s presenters. Check the show via radio1.cz

Vice Magazine & Viceland.com/cs (contributor)

Monts is a regular contributor to the global lifestyle publication Vice. His music based interviews and forecasts are published on the Czech Viceland.com website.

Beatnotik clothing brand (podcast curator)

Craig has been compiling & producing regular podcasts for the EU streetwear brand Beatnotik. Craig eclectic podcasts have been share and bumped around Europe, adding to the brands growing popularity. Check the podcast series here: https://soundcloud.com/beatnotik

Tenisifku.eu (guest blogger)

Craig has been blogging images, short articles and video’s for the Polish based fashion & lifestyle website, Tenisifku.eu. (http://tenisufki.eu/blog/Craig+Monts). His posts are regularly shared and commented on various social networking sites.

Expats.cz (contributor and content provider – 2010 -2013)

Craig has been worked with the ever growing expats.cz to providing interesting and thought provoking articles for their growing number of users. He spent time sourcing content and stimulating interview, writing unbiased bar & event reviews and introducing the websites readers to fresh and exciting projects over the 3 year period.

Bbarak Magazine (occasional contributor)

Craig contributes to the longest running Czech-based Hip Hop magazine: Bbarak. Craig has a fixed column on new UK music entitled on My Bock, fashion and street wear news in the column Style Addict and at least two in-depth interviews in each printed publication. Online submissions are posted via long standing contributor Marek Zeleny.

(Updated January 2013)

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