Sacrum Profanum 2017 – POLAND


Event Date: 26.09 – 01.10.2017
Location: Krakow, Poland
By: Craig Monts (FARMINGTON2017)

The brilliantly eclectic Polish-based contemporary music festival; Sacrum Profanum takes place this September in a various venues around Krakow. The line-up for the 2017 progressive series of events sees; Four By Two, Moondog Madrigals, A Night From The Past, East Man/ East Men, Dragon-Zoo & Africa Express in C Mali to name a few.

Taking place across 6 excellent locations around Krakow, Sacrum Profanum has truly earned the status of one of the most interesting European music events. Successfully blurring the lines of perception with regards to contemporary music and its accessibility. SP’s prestige is enhanced by the presence of artists regarded as icons of contemporary music for example back in 2011 Steve Reich, the master of minimalism, celebrated his 75th birthday in Krakow Sacrum Profanum and its attendees! The festival has also won the most important Polish awards & distinctions and was included in the official calendar of the Polish Presidency in the Council of the European Union.




“This year during Sacrum Profanum, everything is important: from its dense, internally linked, aesthetically diversified programme, through a multitude of venues scattered around Nowa Huta, Kazimierz, Podgórze and Ludwinów, up to its intensified formula” – says the Festival Curator Krzysztof Pietraszewski.

This year’s opening will be unique and spectacular. The concert Four Times Two hosts four duos. First Lubomyr Melnyk and Melvyn Poore – the fastest pianist in the world and the creator of continuous musicwith the exceptional tubist of Musikfabrik, whose tube sounds like a full-fledged solo instrument, will perform an hour-long composition The Voice of Trees for two pianos and three tubas. Later Murcof (Fernando Corona) and Vanessa Wagner – a Mexican sound artist and a French pianist, who prepared their own versions of pieces written by such composers as John Cage (In a Landscape), Arvo Pärt (Variations For The Healing of Arinushka), György Ligeti (Musica Ricercata n°2), and Morton Feldman (Piano Piece 1952). Next to the classical Wagner’s rendition we will hear Murcof’s electronic background and manipulations, boldly challenging interpreted compositions. Małgorzata Walentynowicz and Frauke Albert, in their concert Série Rose, will highlight the sexual, sensual, erotic and even pornographic aspects of new music. On the programme: Laurie Anderson, Johannes Kreidler, Jennifer Walshe and other composers. And, last but not least, Bartek Wąsik and Barbara Kinga Majewska. He is a pianist, arranger and co-founder of Kwadrofonik. She is a voice and word artist. They met as interpreters performing modern scores. Their liking for the song brought them together. As Bardo they move between various categories and genres, remaining faithful to their own art.

Sono Genera image x Michal Ramu (Sacrum Profanum 2016)

This year’s Sacrum Profanum is also the musical tribute to Moondog and Julius Eastman, whose stories will be resumed many times during this year’s Festival edition. Moondog –a blind artist – led the life of a street poet and a musical freak. He used to spend time on the 6th Avenue, where he often stood in the Viking attire. He was appreciated by Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Artur Rodziński, but has attracted attention of a wider audience quite recently. Would he become famous if he was not so eccentric? Was he not ”a Viking”, would his music be now heard at fine venues? Dedalus and Muzzix Ensemble, Cabaret Contemporain, Raphael Rogiński i Natalia Przybyszwith Slovenian ensemble will be trying to answer this question during the Sacrum Profanum Festival.

Opera About Poland image x Tomasz Wiech (Sacrum Profanum 2016)

Sacrum Profanum is an evolving creature, improving year on year with ear & eye catching performers and performances year on year. Check the official festival website & Facebook page for news and updates ahead of this exciting event and be sure to purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment!

Sono Genera image x Michal Ramu (Sacrum Profanum 2016)

Sacrum Profanum 2017 – EVENT PROGAM


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