Sacrum Profanum Contemporary Music Festival (POLAND)

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Sacrum Profanumdraws lovers of contemporary music earning the well-deserved status as one of the most interesting European musical events. The week-long event taking place in various venues in Poland’s beautiful and culturally-rich Krakow, effortlessly blurs the lines between contemporary music the more traditional. A truly quality event that should be a red-letter day for contemporary music.

The festival has been awarded the most important Polish distinctions and accolades, praising the ever-progressive festival for its ability to consistently compile a line-up of experimental avant garde performers from around the world.

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Jerome Noetinger records an overdub for the new PAK CD. (VIDEO)

This year’s line-up is positively brimming with quality. Now in its 14th year, Sacrum Profanum have assembled a truly exciting collection of performers showcasing the most exciting names from the experimental genre that is so often unfairly treated as difficult and or incomprehensible.

Performers at this year’s Sacrum Profanum are plentiful, with their countries of origin spanning the globe. For example, Ictus Ensemble; the Belgian orchestra, who since their formation back in 1994 have become purveyors of contemporary classical music. Or perhaps record label head, improviser and composer of electroacoustic music, Jerome Noetinger who’ll be showcasing his trademark pitch-manipulation while toying with the traditional understanding of music

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The hefty line-up stretching 8 days offers something for everyone. Enthusiasts of all ages are welcome and considered. For example The Norwegian duo; Korall Koral’s babyopera designed for children aged 0 -3 years and their accompanying adults. Or the multi-talented Jodie Landau. The 23-year-old composer, vocalist, and percussionist artfully combines elements of chamber music, rock, and jazz with live performance, film, theater, and dance. A great example of Sacrum Profanum’s all encompassing, open-minded outlook.

an invitation // X Jodie Landau and wild Up (VIDEO)

“Sacrum Profanum never ceases to amaze. The combination of seemingly diverse musical threads combines here in one, cohesive substance”, said Izabela Helbin, director of the Krakow Festival Office. “The festival is constantly evolving, and its 14th edition is not only a cycle of intriguing concerts, but also a series of accompanying events – discussion panels, exhibitions and meetings with artists. All of this will take place under one name – Sacrum Profanum 2016!

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