Smoothie Mix X Suzi Analogue (Vice Czech Republic)

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SUZI IS THAT GIRL. Street smart, creative and supremely friendly. We meet a few months back in Prague and had a very interesting chat over a cuppa. Vice recently posted extracts of our conversation. Along with the exclusive mix she did for them: Smoothie..

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Suzi Analogue X Craig Monts – Love Hangover Cue (Happy Un-valentine’s Day)

Suzi Analogue X Craig Monts – Love Hangover Cue (Happy Un-valentine’s Day)

Valentine’s should be all cheap chocolates and withering roses. While you’re busy stressing out and fighting in the flower shop to prove you love your loved one, some of us are tinkering in darkened rooms, twiddling knobs and putting the final touches to mixes. Suzi is just that type – a street-wise, straight talking, Philly girl who’s made this SMOOTHIE mix just for us.

Craig Monts: Tell us something we might not already know about you Suzi.

Suzi Analogue: I studied communication at Temple Media and have spent a lot of time working with teenage girls on make-up art and costume design.

Craig Monts:  Sounds like a tough job.

Suzi Analogue:  It had its difficult moments. Problems in the US with schooling mean that certain groups become isolated. But Philly girls are tough! I wanted to show them that anything is possible if they focus.

Craig Monts:  Were you kind of a role model for them?

Suzi Analogue:  Yes. I definitely tried to be a good role model for them. Being a woman in the music business and not showing off my body or bending over in videos etc.  I know too much to be working like that.

Craig Monts: You seem very passionate about your craft. Do you ever find it difficult combining work and your passion?

Suzi Analogue: I’m very passionate about my music. In fact I try to place that same passion in everything I do.  It’s been pretty hard recently as my grandmother died and I really didn’t feel like releasing any music at all.

Craig Monts: I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad that your feelings changed and you’re back to work.

Suzi Analogue: I was in some strange limbo period. I was feeling pretty negative and there were some situations which made me question my once natural optimism. But I am back now, thanks to my partner Jamerson. He’s a real positive part of my life.

Craig Monts: Do you work together creatively?

Suzi Analogue: Yes we have started an online vintage shop called swrv (pronounced Swerve) where we sell hand-picked items from around the world. It’s a really interesting project which is growing fast.

Craig Monts: So, you did us a Vice Valentine’s mix. Thanks for that. Are you a romantic at heart?

Suzi Analogue: Love excites me. I’m addicted to it. This SMOOTHIE mix is a cure to a love hangover.
I find love in everything, even the most twisted tales and mysteries. Since I’ve found the need to romanticize how amazing smoothies are, I’ll let your imagination fill you in to my limits.

Craig Monts: What’s coming up in the future?

Suzi Analogue:  Analogue Monsta, a project I’ve been working on with TOKiMONSTA. I’ve also been working with Blu & Quelle . The whole process was on hold as Blu had a baby and Quelle moved, but be on look out for it soon!

Smoothie Mix X Suzi Analogue (Vice Czech Republic)

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