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Subject: Die Antwoord X Craig Monts

Date: 9.07.10

Title: so so zef!

Some heads just don’t get it, that much is clear. They are not your average musical export. But what’s average these days? Average is shitty, boring and predictable. All words that cannot be used to describe Die Antwoord. You know the coup: box cut, tatts, bleach blonde-Punk-mulletted rapper girl with a filthy mouth and slang filled fun. I had some quality time with Ninja & Yo-Landi after their recent show in Prague to talk to them about the zef mentality and re-fixing slang.

So you’ve just got back from the US. First shows in New York. How did it go?

Ninja: It was physco, It’s just been crazy. We played Coachella [Festival] a few moths ago. It was like our first début so everyone was like ‘What the fuck’ you know, a mixture of people digging it some people not. But like, since New York it’s just been physco-crazy you know, like mosh pits every fucking show. People knowing the words to the songs. Crazy.

I know fuck all about South African music. Especially hip hop. What names should I be checking for?

Ninja: I wasn’t ever into anything from South Africa. I liked more rap music for a long time. Then I kind of got bored of Rap in the end of the 90′s. I felt like a few things were popping but nothing much you know. More like Mango-groove.

What about you Yo-Landi?

Yo-Landi: Well, I like rave music and I like kwaito music. There are some great tracks by Mandoza. Some really good kwaito. But there are not too many hip hop acts from South Africa.

Ninja: There are acts, but a lot of them have a heavy like slowed down: ‘yo-yo-yo: check me out from soowetttooo’. (Laughs). You know, I couldn’t really get into that you know.

Yo-Landi: We are kind of into Die Antwoord you know? We are into making our own music. We like exploring that.

Cool….so lets talk slang. During your live show you were bang on teaching the people SA slang. So teach me some.

Ninja: The thing is it’s like a style. Not really a style more like a diss. It’s called zef, usually upper class people would call lower class people in South Africa zef. But then we started fucking with that. So like zef for us means that you’ve got no money but you look fancy.

Yo-Landi: You’re poor but you’re sexy.

Ghetto fabulous?

Ninja: Maybe that’s another way. It’s not a money thing..or a ghetto thing. It’s just that you look good you know. So we are making zef more futuristic. We are representing that as our style.


Zef..got it. What else?

Ninja: Like when you say ‘what’s up?’ we would say wat pomp.

Yo-Landi: That means like, ‘what are you fucking?’

Ninja: Yeah pomp means like pumping, it also means ‘pomp’ like to fuck.

I’m slanged up. So what’s next on the agenda for you?

Ninja: That’s like the ultimate question, that’s what we’re all about. We made the $O$ album like a raw bedroom version. We got a lot of attention from that. So we took it back into the fucking workshop, we suped it up & tricked it out. Plus we got signed to Interscope..which was quite nice. It gave us the opportunity to release the beast as a whole, using the whole previous fucking format. So we’re dropping that officially in October. Then we got our whole fucking thing, we have been busy with this for a long time in private. We got the next album called Tension dropping in 2011. we have recorded all the hooks on that. We are like a pop group. We are like fucking pop stars- so we made a pop album [and it's] called Tension. We also got a third album..we are doing five albums in total. The third is Yo-Landi Vi$$er’s solo album. It’s called The Voice. That’s coming after Tension. At the same time we are dropping the Ninja’s Dominator album. It’s a battle to see who sells more. OK, so that’s that.

In between that we got a music video that we are doing with Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9. He’s doing the video for our track Rich Bitch, so we got that lined up. Next year we are doing a feature film called The Answer. That’s our main thing, we have been working on it for a long time. You know that Zef Side thing you saw on the interweb?


Ninja: That wasn’t real. That was just someone wanting to shoot us for a film clip. We were like NO. They were like please,please. So I was like OK, sure- but I’m directing it. Put your fucking name on it and listen to me. So we did the clip for Zef Side which freaked everyone’s brains out. Especially in London, they all got their panties in a knot about it. They just don’t get it on a lot of levels. A lot of people from the UK are on our level. But a lot of mother fuckers are not, like the idiots from that fucking magazine…


Ninja: No Vice are actually slamming. We are friends with the owners of Vice, Suroosh is mad cool. We are filming a documentary with them. We are doing the Vice guide to South Africa. That’s going to feature me & Yo-Landi. We are doing a clip called Rave to The Grave. But I wasn’t talking about Vice it was some other magazine…I can’t remember the name.

UK based?

Ninja: Yeh from Britain. You’re the first British journalist we’ve spoken to in a while. I hope you don’t fucking diss us. Everyone in Britain is your best fucking friend- then they’re fucking cunts in the article. They just don’t fucking get it! It was some idiot from Dazed & Confused. We showed him a good fucking time, took him to the best fucking places and he was a fucking puss. Fuck him in his fucking face. He doesn’t get it,  goes and writes his stupid fucking wack fucking piece. Fuck him in his face. Fuck you Tim- you can write that down. And that other magazine, what’s it called? Fucking NME. Fucking NME! Fuck NME in the face with my fucking dick. Anyway it doesn’t matter- there are people that just don’t get it. But you know it’s OK. I’m a nice guy. That’s in the past and we are in the future now, just open up the curtains and let the sunshine in you know.


Many thanks to Affro & Veronika for their assistance with this interview.

Thumbnail image & Images 2 & 3 courtesy of Sevenape

Interview written for Viceland.com & Vice Magazine

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